Sewing Fun

I first learned to sew while playing on my momma's Treadle. 
My Momma would give us (my siblings and I) a piece of paper
 or old scrap piece of fabric to play with. Later, Momma taught me 
to sew barbie clothes, my clothes, and blankets on her regular machine. 

These are a few of my custom creations!

Most of the items were crafted from Military uniforms.

If there's a price by it, it's for sale!!! :)  Shipping = $5.00.
If you are interested in an item, contact me via the 'contact' tab on the main page

Multi Colored Lunch Bags
#79 = $50.00 
The Original- BDU,   $50.00
  The Mini -Flight Suit
The Original - Flight Suit bag
The Original - Tan  $50.00
Tote Bag purse

Shoulder Bag $15.00
Grama's Purse
Scripture Bag
Tan snug - $20.00
Passport Purse
With an adjustable strap $15
(similar to the one pictured)
The Purse 
Flight Suit Duffle (Gym) Bag
Can / bottle Koozie wrap
Tan - $5.00
Christmas Stockings
Small Green $5.00
Small Tan $5.00

Little Girl's purse
Neck heat wrap - microwavable
Diaper Bag -  Military Style
Laptop Bag  $50.00

Grab ball - military Style

Insulated Lunch Bag, Diaper Bag or Purse

Thanks for looking!
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