About Me


I'm Sheree, a simple, spiritual, country girl at heart.

I grew up in Oakley, Idaho. I got my degree in Early Childhood Development while frequently moving as an Air Force spouse. In Texas, I learned to interpret for the deaf and say, "Howdy y'all!"

These are a few of my favorite things

1- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
      -gives me peace & hope

2- Sign Language            
      - you can talk with your mouth full :)

3- Sewing                      
      - it's like a big puzzle

4- Laying in the sunshine 
      - my happy place

5- Cooking                     
      - I just can't leave a recipe alone

Life is a journey we are all blessed to be on, so let's Celebrate Life Often!

:)  Just a bit about us!  "ME and MY Soldier"

Click here to find out what we enjoy doing!

We adopted 3 kids at once!

Earlier this year (2014) my Soldier and I were able to adopt these 3 amazing kids (siblings) and I'm constantly amazed at  all the things God has been able to teach me as a mom
that I couldn't have learned any other way!

Thanks for stopping by! 
 I pray all y'all have a blessed day!