Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sabbath Day Observance - a delight!

The Sabbath is a special day which God created for our benefit!

Sabbath card

Blessings of the keeping the Sabbath day holy:
-Happiness and joy
-We partake of the Sacrament
    -We renew ALL our covenants
    -Brings us closer to the Savior
    -Helps us be stronger
-We strengthen our testimony
-We strengthen or love of God
-We show our willingness to serve God
-We make the Sabbath a delight!
-We show our devotion to God

Ideas to help us keep the Sabbath day holy:
-Hold family council (see below)
-Family History work
   -organize pictures, scrapbook
   -journal (write the most precious things that we'd like others to know)
   -visit relatives and listen to stories from their life
-Share the gospel on social media
-Walk with friends or family
-Enjoy dinner or dessert with friends or family
-Write letters or emails
-Family games
-Watch church movies (The Mormon Channel)
-Listen to spiritual music
-Learn the Hymns for next Sunday's service (ask the chorister)
-Listen, read, or watch General Conference talks
-Visit the sick, elderly, or lonely
-Make food together
-Prepare for Family Home Evening (a social, learning time)
-Study the Savior's life
-Wear our church clothes all day to help us remember the holiness of the day!

Family Council
-Avoid regimentation!!!!!
-Pray for guidance.
-It can be informal (during a walk, calm moment, or individually with a kid at bedtime)
-Use inspiration
   -Try to feel the Spirit's inspiration and do what it says!
-Let the kids help solve the problems.
   -What can we do about ____?   What are your ideas?
-Share burdens and joys.
-Discuss family issues and concerns,
-Discuss individual and family challenges.
-Discuss individual and family goals and plans.
-Council to keep on track spiritually.

God wants to help us individually and as a family. He will guide us as we seek His help!

Please share some of your own ways to observe and keep the Sabbath day holy.

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