Monday, February 29, 2016

Why are you so happy?

Elder Uchtdorf told a lovely story during last General Conference about an 11-year old girl, Eva, spending the summer with her Great Aunt Rose who was annoyingly happy, in spite of life's challenges.  During this summer, Eva grows to love her Aunt, and she learns some wonderful truths that help her find more faith, hope and love!

“I imagine there were many dark and dreary days for the pioneers.
 Their life was so hard—we can’t even imagine.
But in this painting, everything is bright and hopeful.
This girl has a spring in her step,
 and she is moving forward and upward.”
 The Savior often taught through the use of parables or stories. We can each learn something different by hearing the same story, because the Holy Spirit can speak to each of us individually!

*What did the spirit say to you as you pondered your scriptures, heard a song, or listened to a friend?
*Did the Holy Spirit help you pray and talk to God as a dear friend?

The Gospel of Christ leads us to love and help others as Jesus would if he were here. Helping others will help us feel happy! Aunt Rose said she was happy because faith led her to have hope, which led her to love. To love someone is to know them. We know them as we spend time with them and learn about their different traits, struggles, and joys.
*If you're not feeling very happy, start, or continue, a gratitude journal. The more good we try to find, the more good we'll see!   
*Find something today to do better than you did last week! Strive to keep the Sabbath holy by preparing for the Sabbath during the week. Plan ahead to get to the temple!

Life is hard - we get to learn and grow with each trial. You have a choice with each trial you encounter.   Will your attitude be, "I'm going to just sit in the dust." or, "I'm going to pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep going!"  Sometimes we don't want to 'endure' hard things, but we can look back after and appreciate the good that came because of the trial.  Perhaps we met a dear friend because of it, or we now have empathy to help another get through their trail.   Our trials seem endless, but with faith, all will be well!

Do you remember taking a test in school and the teacher never leaving the room? It's the same with God! He will not leave you during your test of life. He wants you to succeed and will help each of us recognize where we are going off track so we can quickly get back on!

God has given us the Temple as a tool to help us stay on track.
*Obstacles of going to the temple might be...
baby sitting  -  traffic  -  work

*Strategies to get to the temple are...
young women = free babysitting
car pooling or go to an early session
planning ahead (put it on the calendar)

We have also been blessed with the Sabbath day! 
The way we keep the Sabbath day Holy is an outward manifestation of our covenant to always remember Christ.   (Ezekiel 20:20 And hallow my Sabbaths; and they shall be a sign between me and you, that ye may know that I am the Lord your God)   Try to help invite the Spirit with each activity you pursue.

Did y'all know you could limit the affects of the adversary by doing family history and indexing?!!!

May we each strive to have the Holy Spirit with us, especially as we teach!  Imagine if we could help our kids, and others, know how to turn to the Lord and our Heavenly Father when they are struggling Let us help each other as we continually find the faith, hope and love to accept His will!


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