Monday, February 15, 2016

Personal Visa to the 'Planet Adversity'

Why are we here on earth?    Click here to find out more!  

Your temporary Visa has been approved...
Welcome to the Planet Adversity.
      *Note... you are only here temporarily and you wanted to come to Earth!

Heavenly Father created situations so that we would have to work and learn to provide solutions for ourselves. "God left he earth unfinished, for men to work his skill upon. He left the electricity in the cloud, the ore in the earth..."

Possible Pitfalls

  1. sickness  (mental or physical)
  2. death of loved ones
  3. financial problems
  4. wayward children
  5. loneliness
  6. loss of (or poor) employment
  7. addiction
  8. substance abuse
  9. jealousy
  10. gossip
  11. anger
  12. stress
  13. theft
  14. unfairness
  15. accidents
  16. apathy
  17. wars
  18. weeds
  19. bullying
  20. chocolate

Our trials are often not taken away, but we are strengthened so that we can bear them!

Comforts, Helps, and Strengths
Heavenly Father provided help for us!

  1. commandments
  2. revelation
  3. Jesus
  4. prayer -  Mosiah 27:14  "He has prayed with much faith concerning thee..."   An angel came to Alma the younger because his dad, Alma, had prayed for him.
  5. scriptures
  6. priesthood
  7. each other
  8. patriarchal
  9. blessings
  10. temples
  11. talents
  12. nature
  13. music
  14. faith
  15. hope
  16. love
  17. gifts of the spirit
  18. fasting
  19. sacrament
  20. chocolate
We came here to learn how to rely on our Heavenly Father!

Blue Galilee
Bright sea,
whose sleepy depths
He more than knew,
whose raging heights
He overthrew,
where triumphantly He walked,
upon whom lovingly, He gazed—
I am like you.
He walks beside me like a friend,
just as His feet impressed the sand
along your breezy shore,
just as he stood and walked the waves
so far above your watery floor.
Great sea,
On wind-tossed Galilee,
my raging storms
He also stills.
Oh gentle sea,
blue Galilee,
my depths He knows,
my soul He fills.

   --Gay Grimes

May you be blessed this week as you discover the comfort, help and strength that God has given you to bear the trials you will face.

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