Saturday, May 30, 2015

Finding Inner Peace

After moving from one coast to the other, and all the chaos and blessings that come with it, life is starting to calm down again... if that's possible.

      This morning I went for a run and I was amazed at my ability to stay a little more calm amid the chaos of the day. My motivation for running before everyone was up this morning came from an awesome blog It has some amazing tips for Mommas who want to be their best and are trying to make the right choices, but keep making mistakes.  We are all filled with human weakness and our stumblings frustrate the crazies out of us, yet also bless us as we come back to Heavenly Father saying, "I can't do it alone. I need you. I want to follow you!"

     While reading this blog, I read about some ways to be a more calm parent.   I needed to be reminded of the things that help me be my best self.
These are five things that I know help me make better choices through my day, and give me peace!

1 - Exercise!   If ya told me 13 years ago that I'd enjoy running, I'd have called ya nuts.  I had to learn how to run in a way that relaxed my shoulder muscles so my ear wouldn't hurt (weird, I know).  I had some friends in ND teach me how to run relaxed. Then, in Mississippi, I learned that running is a whole lot more mental than physical.  I just have to decide to go and then listen to my body to know if I can push a litter harder or if I need to slow down. After I ran this morning, I felt calm and ready to begin my day with a smile when the crazies kicked in!

2-Prayer!   Some people meditate, I love to pray! It centers me, fills me with peace, forgiveness, and helps me figure out things that I couldn't figure out before!  It clears out my head.   One of my favorite places to pray is by a window as the sun starts to color the morning sky!

3-God's Word!    God is so amazing! He asks us to feast upon His words. Tells us that He'll answer us if we ask. Gives us prophets and apostles to guide us in the struggles that we face each day. He blessed us with the Bible which teaches us why we're here and about the amazing mercy of our brother Jesus, who loved us enough to suffer for our sins and die so we can live again! Then, He gave us the Book of Mormon which teaches us more about Jesus, His Gospel, and gives us the stepping stones we need to make it back to Heavenly Father!  We are so blessed!

4-Journaling!   I've always kept a journal, in some form or another, yet after we adopted our 3 kids, I started a 'Life Unexpected' journal. It's on the computer, I don't have to worry about punctuation, grammar, or anyone reading it.  I just type as the thoughts come (I can type them faster than writing them) and it's amazing how I can figure out solutions to my problems by... well, I don't know if it's because I am seeing them, thinking them, or reading them, but it helps!  I'm able to express my frustrations, joys and everything in between. If I don't want anyone else in the world to ever read it, I hit the magic 'delete' button!!!   I end up realizing that I am smiling as I'm typing and have just taken a deep, 'the load is off my shoulders' kind of a breath!

5-Soften!    This doesn't mean to be a pushover, it is a way to recenter myself, like counting to 10 when you're mad. First, I take a deep breath and tell my body to soften. Then I slowly relax my muscles, starting with my shoulders, neck, jaw, chest, back... all the way down to my fingers and toes.  Finally, all of my muscles are relaxed — including my jaw and tongue and eye muscles — and I am fully in a softened state.  Ready to think clearly and make a more logical choice!

I'm grateful for seen and unseen angels that God's placed in my path! Last night, my angel was Shawn Fink!  Thanks Girl!     You helped me and my family have a better day!

How do you find inner peace?

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