Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's Deaf Awareness Week!


Wooohooo!!!  I love Sign Language!
Here's a shout out to some of the places along my journey!!!

I got my first 'American Sign Language' dictionary in high school.  My friend Jennifer and I learned a few signs and could fingerspell with each other.

I really started learning ASL at Central Texas College in Killeen, TX
 ... now they even offer a Baby Signs Class  see Pages 18 and 19

I loved attending the Communication Skills Workshop taught by Wess Smith and Cathy Williams at the TX School for the Deaf!

I took a Baby Signs class as an independent study course in Minot ND with Jodi Connell

This is the last sign I drew for my story "I Dream of Cookies"!

Learn more about Deaf awareness week  here !!!

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