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Norwex cleaning supplies... my thoughts about them!

Norwex Cleaning Supplies - my review

I got my cleaning supplies about 2 weeks ago (July 1, 2014) and here's what I think of them so far!
....updated last in November!

First off, they do cost a lot, but they have a 60 day money back policy if I don't like it :)

 Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth... (Good stuff :)...)
I got the enviro cloth (clean everything cloth) and it's got the silver in it so after 24 hours or so, all the nasty bacteria that's still left in it after I rinse it out should be dead!... that's the claim.
   I first tried it on my front door, it was breakfast time the the perfect time to see all the streaks and water spots and dust...  left over from the last time I tried to clean it.   I got it wet and wiped it on just part of it and then used the 'window cloth' to dry it.. Holy cow... the difference was huge. It was actually clear!  I had to finish and it took me no time at all!
   Well, ya ever read the book series 'if ya give a mouse a cookie'?   That was me...   If it works good on this, how about this and that and.... yes kids, I'll let you try it too! :)
   I cleaned my front windows, tracks, screens, all of it with just getting the enviro cloth wet, squeezing it out and wiping it down.  I was amazed at stuff that I thought was just stained and part of the house which was coming off :)  So after I got the rag really dirty, i thought OK, now it's gonna suck to get it cleaned out. I get the water hot and, wow, it came off soooo easy.   It worked great on the windows! Don't need my windex bottle anymore...anyone want it? :) he he he!
    The only cons of the enviro and window rags are....  I kept doing double-takes at the back door, thinking the kids had left the back door open because it cleaned it so well :)   And it made me notice just how terrible all the other windows looked :)  They do clean really fast!  Oh another bad thing... now the kids fingerprints are not camouflaged anymore because the window and doors are so clean :)  Awesome problem eh? :)
    Oh, my 3-year-old smeared bubbles all over the door. I handed him the enviro cloth and went to help in another room, came back and expected to have to clean up his mess... nope, it came right off :) I didn't even need to touch it up!
      OK, so I had to try it on the car (1995 Mazda 626, paint peelin, it's seen better days)  I get the enviro cloth, the hose and kids and have at it.  I only use the rag and water and it takes off bug guts way to easy, it's just weird, took off everything so fast and I didn't even need to dry it. No water spots, just clean and as shiny as possible. :)   Again, my 6-year-old was commenting on how people would say, "It's a  crazy clean car" :)         Now, since I'd cleaned the whole car with it, the cloth does look grungy and I just hung it up to dry after rinsing it off.  After I laundered it with 'Wisk' it still lookes a little stained... haven't tried the boil it for 10 minutes trick yet....
    Today I cleaned my truck with the enviro rag and the hose. :)  The little black dots of asphalt didn't come off as easy as they had on the car but I don't know if its cause they've been on their longer or the rag needs cleaned more to make it work better.. I want to boil it and then try again.
   My friend was over working on his motorcycle and I showed him how easy it cleaned his windshield of his bike.  He kept saying "Holy crap, I gotta get me one of those for the bike!" :)
.....update -  I used my enviro cloth on my Momma's and my carpet and it took up stains in a jiffy! Wow! :)  so amazing what this little rag, with only water, can do!

I also got their all purpose kitchen cloth (aka my new washrag - I Love it)  
I like things that serve many purposes!  It cleans easy and I was amazed to feel how grimy my counters felt when I first used this rag. Ya know that grimy film that gets on the cupboards above the stove sometimes? It felt like that and I had to wash it a couple times (just with water and the rag) to get it clean, but it is awesome! :)   One of the biggest things I noticed is my little guys don't fuss when I wash off their faces with this rag after meals. The other rags, they fuss with :) Nuts eh?

I got their dish cloth - a big white net looking thing   (I prefer my scrub brush from Target)
It is weird at first and I am still not too sure about it. I would only use it to replace a scrubby pad or brush, but not to replace my wash rag.  I still want to try it a bit more. It's not microfiber and does get to stinking sometimes, just like a regular washrag...

I tried out their ergonomic toilet brush (love it)
It looks like little silicone bristles and I love it!  I usually had to push really hard to make the toilet bristles get to parts of the toilet. Lets just say... I'm getting another one for the other bathroom :)

I tried their dust mitt (it's good)
...being doubtful that it'd do very well, but glad I have 60 days to try it out!   I used it wipe off the metal grate that covers the ac vent filter, then as I switched out the filter, I noticed that he ducting was filthy so I used the mitt to wipe out a LOT of dust that'd settled on the bottom. Then I used the same mitt, without rinsing it, to dust off the tv stand and was bummed that there were a few pieces of dust/lint looking stuff left behind. Considering what I'd just cleaned, I shouldn't have been bummed.  I then rinsed out the mitt, wrung it out, and finished dusting the piano, wood stove, windowsills, etc.   The good news is... the dust didn't come back like before.  It's been almost 2 weeks and the dust is just barely showing.

Cleaning my shower and the kids bathtub

The Norwex Bathroom Scrub Mitt. (too bulky for my hands- sold it to my Momma who loves it)
  I went to my shower and the base has a nasty layer on it. I scrubbed back and forth 30 times with just water to get it clean.  I then rubbed the mitt on the Cleaning Paste and then only rubbed back and forth 5 times to get it just as clean as with the scrub mitt.  In 5 minutes, the base was almost completely clean!   I tried it on the water spots on the metal around the door and decided I'd rather try Norwex's toilet bowl cleaner stuff.  Another lady who cleans houses for a living says that's her go to cleaner!

   I also tried the Cleaning Paste  
 on my white kitchen sink. I usually break out a 'magic eraser' to get it clean.  I rubbed different spots with the magic eraser and with the enviro cloth dipped in the cleaning paste.  The results... both made it white but the cleaning paste took off rust spots the 'magic eraser' wouldn't :)  Crazy eh?   I tried it on the back of one of my cookie sheets to see how easy it would clean off all that nasty stuff that gets all over our pans after we've had em for years :)  It did bring it off but I don't care that much about how my pan looks on the back so, maybe another day I'll clean the rest of it  with more cleaning paste!

   UPDATE:  I tried their Blue Diamond cleaner (not impressed)
in my bathtub, and at my mommas and wasn't impressed, so I traded it for their descaler with  hopes it works better on my crazy tough water :)

   Just got the Descaler today - October-...  (not impressed)
Tried it in my shower along with C.L.R.  ...it worked a little better than CLR but I had to leave it on for 30 minutes and the CLR was finished working in about 3 minutes.    I also created a gel using vinegar, corn starch and dawn dish soap that I prefer over both...  I've still got to experiment a bit more... I used up all the Descaler on my kids tub and it still needs more work...  Going back to my vinegar solution and will let you know how it ends up!
.... to be continued  :)

One of my favorite things I have from Norwex is their kitchen towel.  (LOVE IT)
 It is, as my 6 year old would say, "Crazy awesome!"   My little guy dumped 1/2 a cup of water on the kitchen table. I tossed the towel over it, wiped across and lifted it up to an almost completely dry table. The weird thing is, the towel still felt almost dry. I wrung it out over the sink, hung it up, and voila!  Spills are now a worry of the past! Wooohooo!  Dishes dry in a jiffy! One wipe across and the water is gone! Dishes get done sooooo much faster!   Oh yeah, here's a laugh. The con of using this hand towel is.... all the other towels in my house feel like I'm drying my hands with sandpaper :)

I did get the Baby Body Pack  -Bath wash rags  (a good size for little ones, I got the regular size one and like them better for me cause they're bigger!)
I don't like using soap and love how these clean!  My little girl liked how soft they felt and then changed her mind when there was a little rough corner... I don't know why there is a little scratchy part on the corner, maybe it's the way they finish off the edge???  I do enjoy it, my husband is skeptical and I look forward to him giving it a go :)   Can you imagine how much money I'd save on never buying bath soap again? :)

I got the Optic Cloth.  (great)
It's a weird looking/feeling little piece of a thing, but it cleaned the flat screened tv really good (really well for all you English grammar folks)! :)

I tried their laundry detergent (I'll stick to my Wisk Deep Clean or make my own with Borax and Fels Naptha)
I didn't see any major changes... maybe after a few washes, it'll feel softer or whiter or ....???

 I love their bath and hand towels. (I love em, my Soldier doesn't)
 My 2 year old wants to stay wrapped up every time I take him out of the tub....  My Soldier prefers his 'regular' towels.

 Norwex Crystal Deodorant -salt crystal thing.. (I LOVE it!)
  No smell at all and my sister in law can tell ya, I'm a major armpit sweater... that was weird to type that... :) But anyways, I'm curious to have my sweetie try it and see what he thinks!

Norwex Dry mop and Wet mop (Love it!)
I got the small one and love how much dust it gets and how it doesn't just whisk it up into the air. Only time I've used a regular broom instead of it is when I cut everyone's hair...  Maybe I'll try the drymop next time...

So far I've enjoyed most of Norwex's products.
I'll let ya know what else I like or dislike :)
Have fun cleaning :)  It's kinda fun now!

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