Saturday, May 10, 2014

Don't sweat the small stuff


Have y'all ever read this book?

 I found it at the book store on the sale rack... God knew I needed it!!! 
When I told my mom about the awesome book I found, she said, "I love that book!"
It has been such a blessing in my life!
As I read it, I discovered these awesome thoughts that help and inspire me!

1-Slow down and enjoy the moments, they will each pass. Life isn't an emergency! Cut myself (my kids, family, coworkers, etc) some slack.

2-Life is a classroom teaching patience. Say, "OK, for the next 5 minutes, I will not let myself be bothered by anything. I'll be patient."    Once you've conquered 5 minutes, make it 10 minutes!

3-Negative thoughts...  learn to ignore, dismiss, pay less attention to, and not take them so seriously.  They're like a fly at a picnic...  shoo it away and be on with your day!

4-What is really important?  What are my top priorities?  Make my actions match my goals.  If I want my life to stand for peace and kindness, it's helpful to do kind and peaceful things.

5-In the present moment, enjoy it or learn from it!   Take a deep breath and soften my response.

6-Do something nice for someone, just because.  Be the first to reach out with love.

7-We can't help but make mistakes, we're human.  Mistakes are learning opportunities. When we mess up, say, "How can I handle it differently next time?"  Then, TRY AGAIN!

 Each day this week, think about one of these thoughts 
and see if it makes your day less stressful and more peaceful!!!  
God Bless!

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