Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Birthday Memories

Another year older... whoopdie doo...   It feels like just another day. 
Here's some of my fun b-day memories!

Eating waffles with strawberries and whipped cream with my brothers family in ND.  I woke up to an awesome sign from my niece that she'd taped across the stairs!

Watching my soldier ride my new bike around the living room in MS!

A fun, crazy birthday with my friends kids last year in AZ.  The kids made me an awesome bracelet and necklace from glow in the dark beads and neon pipe cleaners that was too cool!

Getting phone calls from dear friends, like Bishop Holden, because my soldier let them know I'd have a hard day with him gone...   That was awesome!

6 cakes on my birthday.   Shrimp was born on my 2nd birthday. One year, Mom made each of us a cake and our 2 Gramas made us each a cake...

Happy Birthday Shrimp!!!   

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