Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Random Vegetables anyone?

Last week at the store I decided to buy two vegetables that I'd never eaten.
Tonight, the kids and I discovered what fennel and rutabaga's taste like.
 (I'll bet my Soldier's glad he was at work so he didn't have to eat what we had for dinner, ha ha!) 

We had veggie chowder made from:  chicken broth, diced spuds (potatoes from our garden), diced broccoli and green onions (from the garden), diced carrots, and a little diced fennel.  I mashed it all up together with a potato masher.  I was going to use cheese, but forgot.  The fennel was one of the main flavors and I was glad I didn't add anymore than I did.   The kids love fennel raw!  I knew it tasted like Anise and I love black licorice.

 We tasted the rutabaga raw and it had a flavor that seemed familiar but I couldn't figure what it reminded me of.  After I chopped it up (it was like a rock) and cooked it in water like spuds, I was surprised that it turned from white to orange and had a sweet flavor.   Later, I realized that it reminded me of cooked carrots... kinda.

I think it'll be fun to try new foods with the kids, and my soldier (if we can get him to try it)!!!
How do you like to use fennel or rutabaga's?
What fruits or veggies should we try next?

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