Monday, October 21, 2013


Enjoy coloring!
Click on the pictures below to print.

Click HERE to print  'Chase past the horse'
        Click HERE to print 'Chase past the cow'

Keep the " © Sheree W. Davis" tag with my images.

All of my (aSimpleDimple) coloring page images are free for your personal use or for use in your classroom. However, these images may NOT be placed in any other collection (to be sold or freely distributed) and may not be distributed individually or as a collection without express written permission.   To share my images with friends, please link to any page on our site. Do not link to images or printable PDFs.  

Ask me first, if you want to use my coloring page images in any other way. E-mail me at . If you inquire and don't hear back - the answer is 'no.' Sometimes I can't get back to people for various reasons (email bounces, etc.), that does not mean it's okay to use my images. (This is a great explanation of copyright guidelines)

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