Thursday, June 27, 2013

2013 Girls Camp Highlights

I always love going to our church girls camp!  It's where I come to know Christ better and have a firmer resolve to follow him and do my best.  I get strengthened from all the wonderful friends I meet and from their faith and examples!   This year, my highlight was explaining to a girl who Jesus is and why he's so important!  It's so hard for me to imagine life without Christ at the center of it.  It made me realize that we REALLY DO need to be missionaries and open our mouths to teach others about Christ and his restored church. We need to let them know that God has prophets on the earth right now that give guidance for all of us!     Here's a few pictures from my fun week!

The Spiritual theme of the week was  'Stand'... ye in holy places and be not moved.
The fun theme was the Wizard of Oz. 
We were the Tin men (women) with the Heart to Stand in Holy places.
The first night we slept under the stars in a beautiful meadow!

We slept in a yurt the rest of the week!

Team building and trust exercises

Confidence anyone :)

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