Friday, May 17, 2013

Writing... as a job

I've been reading a few books about writing, authors, publishing, etc.  They suggested to make 1-3 specific goals each week with a deadline and if you need to, check in with somebody to keep you accountable and on track.

      On Monday, I set my goal for the week...
Take pictures of me signing 30 of the vocabulary words for my next book 'Mary's First Christmas'.  
  I triple check the signs with my ASL Dictionary book, and to make sure I use the most commonly accepted sign for my books.
 I'll finish taking pictures next week and then I will start drawing them (on my computer) using my hands as the models!

     This week I also invited a couple friends to go to a local writing group with me in June!

    One book also talked about blogging on specific days and keeping the posts simple. I've decided to try Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday, I will try to post a recipe I've made recently and on Friday, well, we'll see :)


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