Friday, May 24, 2013

Want to Self Publish a Children's book?

Since I'm going to be Self-Publishing my book (writing, illustrating, publishing), I've been doing a lot of research to make sure it will be a success.

 Here's some of the things that have helped me and might help you too!

Self Publishing / Print On Demand companies
Deciding between Createspace or Lightning Source...
Createspace   a self-publishing/print on demand website with lots of helpful FAQ and forums is the one I chose.   I will submit a PDF of my book, after I've got it exactly how I want it. They'll double check it to make sure it will print ok, and I'll order one copy.  I'll double check the hard copy to make sure it's how I want it and then Createspace will make it available to the public to purchase at   I will get a royalty from each book that is sold (at the price I choose) and won't have to deal with printing, storing, mailing, returns, etc...

The Self-Publishing Manual (How to write, print, and sell your own book)  Thanks Dale
Writing Children's Books for Dummies
The Everything Guide to writing children's books   (If I just picked one.. this would be it)
2013 Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market

Elizabeth O Dulemba   (Author, Illustrator, Speaker ...with awesome advice)
Dianne Ochiltree (Children's /Author)
New Self-publisher FAQ
Children's book stuff
SCBWI  (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators)

ISBN Numbers websites
Myidentifiers (Bowker)
Free barcode for your ISBN

   Best of luck!

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