Friday, May 31, 2013

Lets create a good book description and author bio

I like to research a certain topic and then sum it all up in one place where I can find it again!  Isn't this the perfect little place :)  Maybe this will help you and save you some time too!

A book description is written from the publisher's view point, not the authors.
Use 150 words or less.

Karen McQuestion's way of writing book descriptions in a nutshellIndiewritingblog  'How to write a book description that doesn't suck'
Createspace 'How to write an effective book description'

1-2 sentences with 50 words or less.
Written in 3rd person

Write a terrific author bio by Rachelle Gardner
Tips for writing your author bio from Createspace

 MY author bio
    "Sheree grew up in Oakley, Idaho. She moved to Texas where she learned to interpret for the deaf and say "howdy y'all". She got her degree in Early Childhood Development while interpreting for kids and frequently moving as an Air Force spouse. Sheree began creating children's books with sign language when a friend asked her to teach a sign language class and she couldn't find a fun story book with sign language. Learn more at her website"

My book description for "THE PIGS GOT OUT"
Now you can enjoy learning American Sign Language (ASL) signs as you read a fun story about Lila and her siblings' crazy day getting 22 baby pigs back in their pen. How will they do it on their own? Simple illustrations and clearly drawn signs will leave the kids saying, "Let's read it again!"

OK y'all.... how did I do?  

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