Monday, April 1, 2013

My Next Camping Trip!!!

We just got done camping at Yosemite with some friends this last week!!   Then I found a book my handsome soldier bought about motorcycle camping and as I was reading it, I realized that cooking outside is one of my favorite things about camping!!!

We usually cook most of our food over the fire with ROME PIE IRONS.  This time we did apple pie!

Need ICE for the cooler? We fill up cran-grape type rectangular bottles with water, leaving 1-1/2 inches of space at the top. Put the lid on and freeze. Lay frozen bottles in the bottom of your cooler and it'll keep everything cold for days! When you get home, refreeze and they'll be ready for your next trip!

Duct Tape... put over your BLISTER. It's a miracle bandaid!!  Just wrap tape around a lighter, pencil, water bottle, or other item you take camping! 

Next time I'm going to try some of these ideas!

Campuritos   (Make Homemade breakfast burritoes, wrap in tin foil and freeze.. just toss on coals in the morning and enjoy when warmed through!

Pie Iron Tacos.    Lay a large tortilla on the pie iron, add pre cooked meat and other filling, fold over edges of tortilla, like wrapping a present, close the iron and grill :)

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SPICES...  Use straws to store salt, pepper, and spices for camping trips. Heat one end of a clear plastic straw with a lighter, then crimp it with your fingers or a multitool. Fill the straw with the desired seasoning, and repeat the process on the other end. Just snip off one of the ends when you’re cooking, and reseal it when you’re done. Store in a plastic bag in case of a leak". (Great idea for camping @Mandi Vick Willard).

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TOOTH PASTE...   Single Use Packs, made using straws and a lighter. Great for traveling! This would work for all kinds of things like toothpaste, etc. Label with fine point Sharpie.

Put your PANCAKE MIX in a gallon ziploc bag.  Write on the bag the amount of liquid needed.  Add the liquid, squish, and pour!  Rezip to save for later!  (Or use an old ketchup or other squeezable bottle)

Need a PILLOW?... Fill a large Ziploc bag with air, lay a shirt over it and :)  Sweet Dreams!

I wanna try biscuits, rolls, tortillas or flat bread :)

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