Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ideas for Momma's pantry

Hey Momma, I had fun thinking of all y'all's kitchen pantry this morning...

Here's just a few fun pictures that I thought might work for ya! 
I love the pull out drawers (so you can get to the stuff in the back)
There's also counter space for your appliances (make sure you have a powerstrip for all the plug ins).
I like the idea of having the spice or can racks on the upper part of the doors like you already have.

Kitchen pantry cabinet to get your items stored well by Rev A Shelf
If ya have a cupboard like this on the left side (by the pantry) then you could have a tall, narrow cupboard on the right, by the door where you charge your phones -with a built in phone charging little shelf :)  There are cool pull out shelves similar to this if ya want or you could just have a tall and not very deep cupboard/cabinet floor to ceiling where the calendar is now.

I love these tall, narrow pull out cupboards too!

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