Monday, February 4, 2013

Parenting with Love and Logic - book


PARENTING WITH LOVE AND LOGIC by:  Foster Cline and Jim Fay. -
Updated and expanded edition   (This book is orange)

There's too many good things to say!

It shows how the kids Choices and natural Consequences for their choices can teach kids better than us yelling or going berzerk!!

It shows how to be a 'Consulting Parent' and it helps relieve the frustration of 'what do I say' when my kids do this, or how should I handle this situation....

Check out their website!

They do seminars, teach classes, and have more books and cds too :)

They also have a book for parenting teenagers  (this updated book is green)

It's a must read for anyone who interacts with (little or grown up) kids   ;)

Yeah,  I could totally be a spokesperson for this book.   Think they'd be willing to pay me?  ha ha ha  But seriously, It's one of the best books about parenting I've read.

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