Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I've been up to???

I've been slacking with my posts but here's a few things I've done lately...

*Finished building a bed for our future kids... still gotta get the pictures uploaded :)
*Planned a raised bed garden for 2013 using cinder blocks
*Cooked some more crazy, and not so crazy, things :)
*Working on creating a few kids story books with sign language images below the words!
*Sold some chickens (we had 17)
*Designed a scrapbook on and got 1-1/2 years done in about 2 weeks... deadlines in order to save 50% are great motivation :)
*Organized things for our Church primary for 2013
*Helping friends who have 7 kids (The mom is on bed rest in the hospital with her 8th)  Her oldest is 12, youngest is three, and only 2 of the kids are in public school.  Nothing like a good 'crash-course' to prep me for Foster Care!  I'm so blessed to be able to help them and learn wisdom from God at the same time!   Oh, and I have no clue how they used to teach all the grades in a one room school house, 5 different ages is more than enough for me to try to teach :)
*Went to a Supercross motorcycle race with my handsome soldier!
*Started doing my own version of Oxycise which I used my Sr. year of High School :)  It's basically focused, deep breathing while stretching for only 15-20 minutes a day!  Totally awesome!!!
*Studying the words of Christ in  Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John!  I love reading scriptures and just focusing on one specific thing to study!  God is so amazing and I am so blessed!

Y'all have a beautiful, blessed day!

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