Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My next wood working adventure!

I love the idea of creating something from wood.
  I've kinda just learned as I went, but yesterday I found an awesome, totally awesome, manual from that gives you the basics of woodworking and tools.  Check it out, I learned a lot and now get to purchase a few more toys to make wood working a little more simple :)

My next project is to create a guide for my skill saw and then use it to make a twin size bed frame.

I'm combining a few patterns from

Here's what it'll look like (I think I'll paint it white)!
 Twin Storage (Captains) Bed

But, I'll be using this pattern as a guide to make the boxes deeper.
 Storage Daybed

The head board will be similar to this from Ikea (without the top shelf.)
ODDA Headboard with storage compartment IKEA Headboard with open shelves and a hidden pull-out storage unit with casters.

Thanks Bud and Aaron for your advice and help!!!
Wish me luck :)

OK, so I'm finally getting the pictures on here!!!
I love how it turned out!


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