Thursday, September 13, 2012

Discipline = TEACH and LEARN

 Did you know that the word Discipline actually means to Teach?

The Latin origin of the word discipline is 'to teach'. Discipline for your child means teaching them responsibility and self-control. Discipline rewards the child for good behaviour and discourages bad behaviour using fair and positive means. Discipline is not another word for punishment.

  Behavior means what they do, NOT who they are.

I read a  book called "The One Minute Manager" which teaches
*How to set 'one minute goals' (that you both understand and agree upon)
*One minute praises (of the behavior)
*One minute reprimands (of the behavior,which ends with encouraging the person)

My friend also mentioned a book "One Minute Scolding"..  I need to read it too :)

Here's some really good articles that might help ya too.  They are Short, Sweet and to the point!

Discipline: Teaching School Age Children Social Skills - University of New Hampshire, Cooperative Extension

Discipline as teaching - BYU

To Discipline means to teach - Circle of Parents (toddlers)

How to Teach Your Children Discipline - Kid Source Online


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