Friday, August 10, 2012

Read a story with sign language

Howdy all y'all!!!  I need your opinions!!!

   I want to create some story books with sign language at the bottom . 
Here's a sample layout, just to get the basic idea. (Bill Vicars of is signing the words)



Think this is a good idea and worth pursuing?
 Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas?
I also want to do scripture stories with sign language!! :)

I would like the signs at the bottom to be similar to these by Cindy Wheeler

 I was also wondering if I should 'give' the main characters a name sign or just have have it spelled out through the whole book?   Here's an article that talks about name signs.

I've never done a book before so I am learning a lot and appreciate any advice you're willing to give!
Anyone published a book on their own? 


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