Friday, July 20, 2012

What's in your journal?

Every person should keep a journal and every person can keep a journal.
—President Spencer W. Kimball

There are so many types of Journals. 
I use a weekly journal with 7 rectangles on the front and back each page and I have enough space to write down the basics of each day through my week.  I have a simple, journal that's been a blessing when we needed to remember a certain date or time something happened. It also helps me remember the important dates in our family as I've written them in by each day.

My mom has a drawing journal.  There's a  small space for writing at the bottom of a blank page. She can draw something and then tell about the significance of it

My sister had a bound journal book with pages full of lines.  Some days there would only be one line of information written and other days would take up a full page. Sometimes it'd be a week or so between entries.

Some people type an electronic journal on the computer or Blog.

Oh, my soldier suggested I keep a dream journal because I have such weird dreams!!

When I was a kid we had our own notebook that we would take out every Sunday during family time and draw or write a little bit, whatever we wanted.

My Great grandpa recorded stories of his life with a tape recorder / an audio journal.. now it would be done with an mp3 player, I-pod, or computer :)

I almost forgot, a garden journal :) What did you grow this year?  What will you do different next year?

A girl at Church Young Women's camp shared that she keeps a prayer journal because she finds that it's hard for her to 'say' what she wants in her verbal prayers. In her journal, she can write her feelings and prayers to Heavenly Father the way she wants it said!

I have a scripture journal, just a steno pad that I can write scripture referemces or spiritual thoughts as I study each day. I circle the main word in what I've written to help me reference that thought another day. I also write down advice that I like and words of our modern prophets and church leaders.

I know of people keeping a food journal.. I guess I'm doing that this year.  I've kept track of how much food we've purchased and what we eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   I was curious to see  how much we really use.  You'd be surprised!!   I know for food storage, they tell us that we need "blank pounds" of this and that but, now I'll know how much we really use!  I'll share that info the end of this year!   So far this year we've eaten... 56 lb of bananas and  32 lb of white flour.

I also have a small jar full of journal prompts. Just a thought for you to write about and expound on that will help others come to know you better... and maybe I'll learn more about myself too. I got it a lot of years ago and it's still unopened... oops
Here's some cool Journal/writing Prompts!!

Happy Journaling :)


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