Monday, July 2, 2012

Boot Covers for Mom

Hey mom!!!

Take a 12x16 piece of old towel and fold in in 1/2 so it's 6x16.
Sew 3/8" seam up each 6"end and over 2" on each top end. Leaving the top center open.
Cut 2 (4 inch) sections of elastic.   Pin the center of the elastic in the side, center of the cover opening. Pin each end of the elastic 4" from the center.  (This will make it scrunch evenly.)  
Zigzag the elastic down, while holding it stretched the full 8" length.   Backstitch at each end of the elastic.

Voila.   Flip it inside out and Dad can put on his boot covers over his boots when he comes in and then he can just step on the back of each one to take them off when he goes back out!

To make Barney's, Make it at least 17" long.

When they're dirty, smack them out a couple of times (like dried mud on shoes) and throw them in the washer inside-out!

Let me know how they turn out!

 I drew on the seam lines and they didn't quite match up.. OOPS.   
Make the seams 3/8" and yes, the zigzag lines should be on the elastic :)

This is what it looks like without me holding it stretched out (inside out)

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