Thursday, June 7, 2012

Parenting Advice Series by Ruth Peters

Since my Soldier and I are starting foster care/adoption paperwork, I thought I'd better start doing a bit of parenting research as we'll find all sorts of issues to deal with! This is a good read so I thought I'd share it with all y'all!   I found this awesome "Parenting Weekend" series done by MSNBC in 2005 which is based on a book by Dr. Ruth Peters

Each article starts out like this...
Today in "Parenting Weekends" we continue a series of excerpts from “Laying Down the Law: The 25 Laws of Parenting to Keep Your Kids on Track, Out of Trouble, and (Pretty Much) Under Control,” the most recent book by “Today” show contributor Dr. Ruth Peters.

In addition to the 25 laws, they cover a  'Preamble to the laws' and a 'Conclusion'.
Enjoy the links all in one place :)  Please let me know if the links don't work!

Preamble to the 25 laws of parenting - Can this foul mouthed punk be turned around?
  Yes, you can turn around a troubled teen
Law #1: The Lawof the Land -- Establish a Code of Values
Law #2: The Lawof Discipline -- Embrace Discipline-And Use It!
Law #3: The Lawof Empowerment - Don't Be a Peace-at-Any-Price Parent
Law #4: The Lawof Authority -- Appoint Yourself Benevolent Dictator
Law #5: The Lawof Cause and Effect - Connect Consequences to Behavior
Law #6: The Lawof Structure -- Establish Daily Expectations
Law #7: The Lawof Being Heard -- Make Consequences Catastrophic
Law #8: The Lawof Abstinence -- Have Zero Tolerance for Substance use
Law #9: The Lawof Winning the War -- Pick Your Battles Wisely
Law #10: The Lawof Involvement -- Become a Hands-On Parent
Law #11: TheLaw of Trusting Your -- Parenting Instincts -- Don't Cave In to Other Families'Rules
Law #12: TheLaw of Trust but Verify -- Don't Be Afraid to Snoop
Law #13: TheLaw of Politeness -- Insist on Manners
Law #14: TheLaw of Compassion -- Teach Empathy and Volunteerism
Law #15: TheLaw of Parent versus Child Priorities - Get on the Same Page
Law #16: TheLaw of Communication -- Shut Up and Listen
Law #17: TheLaw of Multiple Perceptions-Don't Reason with the Unreasonable
Law #18: TheLaw of the Praise Junkie-Make Praise Appropriate, Not Addictive
Law #19: TheLaw of Appropriateness -- Grow the Rules with Your Child
Law #20: TheLaw of Bickering -- Squelch Sibling Squabbles
Law #21: TheLaw of the Teen -- Watch, Listen, and Take a Stand
Law #22: TheLaw of Learning -- Stand Up for School
Law #23: TheLaw of Patient Parenting -- Keep Your Cool
Law #24: TheLaw of Nonviolence -- Banish the Bullies
Law #25: TheLaw of Earning versus Entitlement -- Teach the Work Ethic
Conclusion- From a sinner to a winner, one teen's journey

"I wish you the best as you find success in laying down the law!" -Dr. Ruth Peters


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