Monday, May 14, 2012

Glorious Morning

I was up by 5:30 this morning and was able to enjoy a beautiful sunrise with all the colors changing on the clouds, a slice of the moon, a cool breeze, and the peace and serenity of knowing that God created it all and has a plan for each of us!  We are all valued and important to him.  He never stops loving us or reaching out to us, even when we're stubborn, feeling lost, or trying our best.   How blessed am I?   Totally blessed!  I pray you are able to see God's hand in your life today and everyday!  

   I get the wonderful opportunity to help with this year's Church Girl's Camp!   The girl's I get to work with are the Aqua-Girls.  I've been studying the scriptures and noting the references to water.  So amazing! I have set a goal to finish the Book of Mormon the day before we leave. This means I get to ready 9 pages a day!  It's been such a blessing to me.  The spirit is such a wondeful tool to send me little tidbits that will make the camp experience so wonderful for the girls!    I sure have wondeful memories of Girls Camp when I was a teenager and the wonderful leaders that made it all possible!

Here's a cool Aqua-Girl spiritual tidbit!!

A rainbow is caused by light going though a drop of water... 
    We are like the drop of water
The light going through us is the light of Christ via the Holy Spirit.
A rainbow appears, reflecting Christ's light, as we serve, do good works, love others
and are associated with anything that is good and positive !

We are all commanded to be a 'light' unto the nations and be a representative of God!!

 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.


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