Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our 3 clucky girls!

We finally did it!!!! 
We got three little girls!  
 Their names, Lacy, Penny, and Henny...  

Lacy is an Americauna, Penny is a Rhode Island Red and Henny is a Bardrock!
I can't wait for fresh eggs!

UPDATE... (2 weeks later)
Something ate all of them last night, it got through the 2" holes in the fence and took 2 of the chickens all the way out through those 2" holes too... yuck. Now my Soldier's 's ready to go huntin for some varmit.  Next time we get chickens, they won't have names... well, maybe they will all be called "Cluck".    Maybe now they're runnin around heaven eating up all the bugs :)

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