Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My lawn is TOO big.

We live on 5 acres and mow less than half (to keep the weeds down.... I hate those stickers).   We are also slowly clearing out the big rocks as we mow new sections of the property.
We've got lots of rain (4 inches) since I mowed last, and the grass has grown about 6 inches.
 It took me 3 hours on a riding lawnmower yesterday and 1 3/4 hours with the weed wacker today...  results, it looks better but my arms feel like jello.     This is my kind of workout.. much better than going to the gym :)
If I got paid minimum wage.. I think it's $14.00/hr...  I'd have earned $66.50.  
What ya think?  Can I have a raise please :) 

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