Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can you see it?

Do you ever look at something and see something different than normal?    
At first, my Soldier couldn't see what I saw. He humored me and took a picture of the glass on our wood stove.. then looking at the picture, he saw it!

Do you see what we saw?

Don't scroll down yet......
Tell me what you see!!!


OK, here's what we saw!
An old man thinking... his right hand rubbing his brow.
He's standing, looking to our left with a big nose. 
See his vest and jacket? He even has on glasses!
... now look back at the top picture, can see it now?



  1. I see a bull dog's face on a monkey's body... What did you see??

    1. I've drawn what I see (above). Do you see it now?