Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Dirty Saturday!

Dirty... yeah!!!

Day 1
We finally got our garden tilled up!  
I'd studied out how I wanted to do my garden a few months ago. I determined how much space I REALLY needed while allowing the garden squares to be rotated correctly.  I'll have one square empty each year to use as my compost pile :).. I think ;)

We are making our garden on the side of a rocky hill in our back yard. This will hopefully be the best spot as we already have a 6-foot fence around the back yard which should keep the deer out. We first used a shovel to dig up the dirt and get out most of the HUGE rocks. Then we used our rototiller and finally smoothed it all out with a rake. I used the rocks that we got out of the now soft dirt to make the walls for the tier which is 4 x 16 feet (actually by 15 but who wants to dig out another 4 feet ;). 

We got the second tier tilled and it's 4x17!  I just need to finish the rocks around the edge :)

Day 2
I got the rocks put around the second tier!

I'll get some of my neighbors aged sheep manure to mix in with the dirt before I plant!

Now I need to go get my seeds!

Thanks Soldier for all your hard work :) ILY

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