Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter, water - Fun!

Can you imagine kayaking in a mountain reservoir during January in short sleeves? I never would have, until this weekend!   My husband and I borrowed our sweet friend's tandem Kayak and went up to a lake which she likes to refer to as 'Lyn's Lake'!!!    We got up there about noon and paddled upstream until we could go no further.  There was ice and frost/snow at the edges of the creek, fallen trees to paddle under, many different kinds of ducks, and a quiet peaceful beauty that was a little like heaven.  It was cool in the shade but in the sunshine, ... wow... amazing!

We went from one end to the other, including David walking on the dam!

What a peaceful beautiful day!   Thanks Lyn for letting us borrow your kayak! 
Lyn....Did you see the sign in the picture?   Computers are cool  :)

 After we were done kayaking on Saturday, we bought me new hiking shoes! 

We got to try out my new shoes on Monday as we hiked along the South Yuba River State Park trails by highway 49.   We actually went down a 'not labeled' trail to the beautiful, clear South Fork Yuba River.

We then hiked down along the river.... over, under, up, down, and around the rocks, My soldier checked out the water temperature... oops, the rock was slippery,   to the 'old cable bridge' and hiked back up the Jones Bar Trail to the car.

I'm thankful God created this beautiful world for us to enjoy and take care of!

.... Do you remember which day of the creation it was that God separated the water from the land?
      I get to teach the kids about the creation on Sunday!!!

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  1. About two seconds after I thought 'boy, that rock looks slippery', I slipped into the freezing cold river.