Friday, January 13, 2012

Oven Mitt - Pot Holder.. Military Style

When my old oven mitt began wearing thin, I took it apart to use as a pattern. Using a flame resistant Air Force flight suit and Insul-bright, I'm now back in session :)

I used cotton fabric for the lining and variegated thread to give it a pop of color. This hot pad is designed for picking up something less than 450 Degrees Fahrenheit. .

The Large Oven Mitt measures...
6-inches wide at the opening
7 1/2-inches wide at the thumb
8-inches long at the thumb
9 1/2-inches total length

Pretty Cool, eh?  :)

Now that I've used it...... :)   It works great :)   
 The next one I make will be a little bit narrower since I have little hands.

Here's pictures of the Small, Medium and Large.  
left to right:   Small, Medium, Large

stacked - small, medium and large

The Medium Oven Mitt and square hot pad replaced the levi hotpad I'd made for my mom when I was in highschool... yep it was falling apart. She loves her new ones though!

the back

the front

a peek inside!

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