Thursday, December 1, 2011


As I sat down to study my scriptures the other morning, I saw a doe walk by, I went to the window and saw 2 fawns go up the hill with her.  Then a 2-point went by chasing after the doe.

I started studying again.  Then the 2-point walked past the window going the other way.  I got up and saw him stop near another doe which was eating in my front yard. Then I noticed one of the fawns was back in the yard watching the buck and doe. This little fawn had two little horns :)   

I snuck out the back door and went down wind of the deer which luckily was by the car and garage.  I was surprised that the fawn didn't run off.  I used the tree as a 'hiding place' and was able to reach my camera around an get a few pictures.  Standing here put me in clear view of the buck and doe. By now they were both standing up and cautiously watching me.  

After taking a few pictures, I slowly walked back around the house and in the back door. Then I peeked out the front window again to see if they'd gone yet. Nope, they were still eating.  I watched a few more minutes and before long, all three of them went on up the hill.  The buck still chasing the doe when I saw them last.

My soldier just got home at 9:54pm... we counted 10 deer in the front was a 4-point!

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