Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christ in my life

 Last night I attended a local church conference and the theme of the night seemed to be our responsibility to serve others as disciples of Christ.  It caused me to ponder on my life and the blessings of being raised in a Christian home. I've come to learn that we're each at a different level of our conversion to Christ which is evident in our words and actions. This level can also vary up or down depending on our daily personal effort. 
    I was thinking earlier yesterday about the wonderful Mississippi friends that I'm gonna miss this Christmas season. I've had an opportunity to grow close to the Country Inn and Suites staff and many other friends also. One thing I miss about the South is the way that everyone talks about Christ so freely. Every week they even have a different church leader say a prayer on live radio for God to watch over the high school sporting teams and bless them with safety and to remind everyone to have good sportsmanship.   
    Growing up in a predominately Mormon  town, it remember thinking that we shouldn't talk about church or mention God, cause someone might be offended. I remember that we didn't pray before games or  at community events, unless it was a church function cause someone somewhere in the U.S. was offended at an event when someone prayed and the local adults didn't want a lawsuit. I also remember feeling like, if I did read my scriptures everyday, didn't cuss, and followed the teachings and was obedient (good) then I'd be a 'goodie two shoes' and that wasn't cool, even by Mormon-kid standards.  Looking back this mentality strikes me as odd.
    As disciples of Christ we should live as examples of Christ at all times and encourage all people to come to God. Last night they mentioned that we have a responsibility to invite all to come to Christ and to build Zion on earth. We do this by interacting with all people, especially others who aren't of our faith or who aren't Christians. We show them by our actions and words that we follow Christ.
  At this point of my life, I'm able to recognize the many blessings I have of being a Christian. I've recently become aware that sometimes we use words and we don't know what they REALLY mean. Someone explained this word 'Christain' in a little more detail at church the other day.  The word Christian is usually meant as someone who believes in Christ, right.. well, the Devil and his angels believe in Christ, does that make them Christians?  I think a better definition of a true Christian is someone who follows Christ.  That means we try to copy him, do as he did, become like him so much that when someone sees us, they see Christ also. That means that we're Christians 24/7, not just when someone won't be offended.
   I remember an evening in Jr. high when a Christian girl, not of my faith, bowed her head and said a silent blessing for her food as we were were eating in a restaurant.  I didn't realize she was praying and said her name a couple of times, trying to get her attention. Another of my friends, not of my faith either, realized that the girl was praying said, "Sheree, she's praying" She said it in a tone as if to say, Why are you trying to bother her, cant you see that she's praying?.   This girl was more of a Christian than I was, she lived her faith. Her great example to me will never be forgotten.
   I want to live my faith, to be a disciple of Christ (a Christian) 100% of the time and help others find the same hope, joy and peace that I've enjoyed as I've come closer to Christ and my Heavenly Father!

Live in such a way that those who know you,

but don’t know God,

will come to know God because they know you.

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