Friday, November 25, 2011

Three Turkey Gobblers

On the night before Thanksgiving
When I had gone to bed
I heard three turkey gobblers
And this is what they said.

The first turkey said
I think I'll find a tree
And hide up in the branches
Where no one will see.

The second turkey said
I think that I will go
And hide behind the haystack
Where no one will know.

The third turkey said
I think it would be fun
To hide the farmer's hatchet
And run, run, run, run.

Then on Thanksgiving morning
When the farmer came around
Those three turkey gobblers
Were nowhere to be found!

I thought of this little poem yesterday as my Solider and I celebrated Thanksgiving with our California friends. My mom used to recite this poem to us each Thanksgiving while I was growing up.  She even had pictures that we could move around and make the turkeys 'hide'!   Each of us would take turns being the farmer who tries to find the turkeys or the turkeys who hide!   Right click on the picture and then 'print' on cardstock for more durablility. Let the kids color their own or share!

Thanks for the fun memories mom!

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