Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ouch Soldier....

We have an Oak tree by our house with roots causing havoc with our septic system. 
My Soldier got a new Stihl chainsaw to cut firewood and.. THE TREE.    
He read the manual, got his safety glasses, gloves, boots, long pants and long-sleeved shirt... 
He was ready to tackle the tree!

He sawed at the base but the tree started tipping the wrong way (toward the house).  He realized that he had to cut off one of the main branches to make the rest of the tree fall downhill..

When the one branch fell, the whole tree decided to fall. 

 Soldier said, "I've never sprinted that fast. Did you see me?"

I didn't see him run because I was taking the picture and staring at the tree..
Then I got scared cause I DIDN'T see him. YIKES... I guess he did run fast :)

:)  Now to chop up the tree...


When he was cutting up the tree, he accidentally 'limbed' himself.   
We spent 3-1/2 hours waiting in the ER for 9 stitches :)  

Thankfully it wasn't any worse.  I think we'll be investing in some chaps now :)

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  1. WOW!!! I'm glad your soldier is fast!!!
    It looks like you have a BEAUTIFUL view.