Sunday, November 13, 2011

Me plus Mentos equals....


At 12-noon, I ate one (1) teeny-tiny mentos...   I got a slight headache within a minute but had a few more errands to run.
... By 1:00 I was debating if I REALLY needed milk, and bread and if David REALLY needed oil for his chainsaw... Since I was already in town, I sucked it up and finished some of my shopping. Then drove the 40 minutes to home. I unloaded the car and put a few groceries in the fridge. 2:52pm, I went to bed... shoes and all. 3:50, I woke up as David got ready for work. I took an Ibuprofin and went back to bed.. no shoes this time 7:30 I woke up and still had a tiny headache.   :(   I finished putting away the groceries, ate a bowl of cereal and was falling asleep again in the recliner.
I was back in bed at 8:20 and woke up at 2:00am when David got home from work. 

I'm officially off my sleep schedule since I'm still awake :)

So what did I do all EARLY morning?   Studdied my Sunday School lesson, ate scrambled eggs on toast, checked facebook, and blogged :)  Now I'm ready for a nap!

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