Monday, November 28, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

I love Christmas!!  The last 3 years we've been in hotels because of my Soldier's military training.  This year we're HOME and I dug out my 1 box of Christmas stuff!  Yep I like it simple!
Inside the box we found...
-A 3-foot tall 'Dollar Store' Christmas tree which David and I bought when we were dating eleven-years-ago.
-Icicle lights that are hanging across the front porch.
-Colored lights for the inside windows and white lights for the tree!
-We found a few cherished decorations that belonged to my Grame. I remember counting down the days to Christmas on them when I was little! 
-Don't forget the Christmas Casette tapes! :) Yep :)  Bing Crosby :)
-Soldier hung up the Santa parachuting and Elf in the plane which spins around and around! Kinda like a mobile.  The plane propeller creates momentum to turn them!
-We hung up the little ornaments and it wasn't complete until I'd hung up my tatted snowflake which my Greatgrama had made for my first birthday!
-We put out a few nativities, a 3" stuffed reindeer, an angel, a little red bucket and the story book that goes along with it. My little village fits perfectly under the tree on glittery white batting!  A few more Christmas books and cards are set out, the wreath is on the door, a few more decorations on the window ledge, and we're all set!
    This year I even get to watch the fire burning in our wood stove!

There are only a few things that would make it perfect.. Bubbler lights for the tree and The Bradford Celestial Light Tree Topper... though I'd have to get a bigger tree :) These were just two of the Christmas decorations that I miss from my childhood. Of course, if I go 'home' to Mom and Dad's I can enjoy them again!!!

I love all the fun memories and the joy and peace that we feel this time of year! It's so awesome to see everyone trying a little harder to be nice to everyone!

I'm so blessed and pray that God will watch over you and your loved ones as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior!!!

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