Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun Ideas for Kids 1

To a child, love is spelled T-I-M-E!
Just 15 minutes of your time can make lasting memories for your children!
 Turn off the TV, set  the timer for 15 minutes and just play with your kids!
Here's some quick, easy, fun ideas to help you have some fun with your kids! 

Laundry Basket, Socks
Play basketball or soccer with rolled up socks and a laundry basket.
Let your child come up with their own rules, it just might become your favorite game!
If you're already doing laundry, let the kids help you put everything away quickly so you can have fun together as soon as the basket's empty!

Bathroom Scales
Let you child weigh different objects.
...for more variation:
Challenge them to find something heavier, lighter, or the same weight.
Add the weights of multiple objects together to equal the weight of one object.
Make a graph of the different weights, lightest to heaviest.
Take the scales outside.
Weigh different sized cups of water (Have a towel handy. Weigh the towel dry and if you have spills, weigh it again after all the water's cleaned up!)

Pillowcase and Random Objects
Fill a bag or pillowcase with random objects.  Together tell a story, with your child's help, incorporating each object that is pulled randomly from the bag.
You can do this inside, on the lawn, on a picnic blanket, or in the car (parking lot) while waiting for your teenager to finish soccer practice!
What type of items?
-objects from outside or inside
-items of a similar theme
-large and small
How to help the story progress?
-Everytime you say three lines of your story,pull out another item to be incorporated into the story!
-Take turns, You incorporate all the even items and your child all the odd items!
-Be Silly, we all enjoy the craziness of Dr. Seuss!
-Record your story as it's created. Let your child draw a picture(s) to go along with the story while you type it up. You can create a book of all your silly stories or just look at the pictures as you listen to the stories over and over!

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  1. AWESOME!!! I'm doing the sock game tomorrow morning!!! Great ideas!!! Thank you!!!